Hanan Ashwari

Why does Hanan Ashwari get a free ride from the American media?

This page exposes the lies, misinformation, and propaganda that Hanan Ashwari has consistently delivered. She is very intelligent and articulate, but that does not excuse the lazy media who do not challenge her statements or limit her access to their media channels.

If you will take the time to do even a basic investigation you will find that she is not just an apologist for Palestinian terrorism, but blatantly misrepresents the facts, the historical background, and the on-going situation.

Check out this well-researched presentation of the truth that Hanan Ashwari and her ilk do not want you to know. This information was developed by The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, a non-denominational, educational organization dedicated to truth in reporting.

Unfortunately, Hanan Ashwari has been given unprecedented access to news programs, the college campus lecture circuit, and even governmental meetings. She has been disproportionately influential, covering her distorted presentation with a possibly-genuine interest in issues such as womens' rights and the plight of children. But even if she honestly believes everything she says (unlikely given her education), she cannot be permitted to continuously bear false witness.

Even many Palestinians do not like Hanan Ashwari. She is an elitist Christian from a wealthy family, who never shared the Palestinian hardships she describes and claims to want to ameliorate. Her failures as a representative of her self-selected cause are well documented here:

As a close advisor to master-terrorist Arafat, and participant in many chapters of the "Peace Process" story, she is an architect of the current impasse she criticizes. Many Palestinians are beginning to wonder who she is really serving -- them or herself? She travels first-class from one luxury resort conference center or hotel after another to lecture everyone (with inaccurate propaganda) -- who benefits from this? She has had one title after another with the Palestinian organizations. What has she accomplished?

Despite this appalling record of lies and misrepresentation, failed policy initiatives, personal aggrandizement at the expense of her constituents, and over-all propagandistic advocacy worthy of Jos. Goebbels, she continues to be hosted by American media and speaking engagements on a regular, frequent basis. She is given a fawning reception as a "woman of accomplishment", a role-model and near-saint. Those of you who may be inclined to take her at face value owe it to your own intellectual honesty to investigate her real history and the facts behind her statements.

In her own words: Extremist statements by Hanan Ashwari. Can someone explain why the University of Virginia honored her as their Distinguished Alumna?

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